Using the Hydroheater for direct steam injection heating

Ensuring your plant is running as efficiently and reliably as possible is critical to survival in today’s global marketplace.

Hydro-Thermal heating systems will maximize your uptime with their minimal maintenance requirements and high reliability. Our precise temperature control and non-scaling operation will improve your product quality, ensure consistency and production efficiency. Replace your sparging system today and experience the best in inline heating.

Hydro-Thermal’s technology works by mixing steam and process liquids completely while delivering consistent temperature and instantaneous heating. For more information on our advanced direct steam injection technology, click here.

Direct Steam Injection for Paper Production

Hydro-Thermal’s history of Hydroheater innovation

Hydro-Thermal takes great pride in its history of product innovation and industry expertise.

When the Hydroheater was invented back in the early 1930’s it was born out of a partnership with Kimberly-Clark, and focused on the needs of pulp and paper mills. These industries have been the foundation for our business since, literally, the very start. Since then Hydro-Thermal has continued to work with industry leaders like Ingredion (formerly Penford) and others, to refine and advance solutions. With the invention of the Solaris in 2001, we have expanded our reach and currently have approximately 525 installs in plants in more than 20 countries around the world. 

Our resident expert, Dr. Shawn Berg has more than 20 years of pulp and paper experience and has presented extensively at private institutions and universities, as well as conferences including TAPPI/PaperCon/PEERS, PAPTAC-EXFOR and more. Recent topics Dr. Berg has presented on include: “Quantitative Energy Usage in Whitewater Heating Systems” “Whitewater Heating: A Sustainability Study” and “Control of Green Liquor Feed Temperature-Critical to Smooth Operation”. His expertise spans the spectrum of pulp and paper, and his knowledge and passion for the industry are relentless.

Our engineering staff consists of 15 brilliant minds that span a variety of specialties including fluid, electrical, mechanical, chemical and design engineers. They have formed strategic research partnerships with our customers, large OEMs, leading Midwestern universities, research associations and independent R&D engineering firms, to constantly evolve our products and inspire new product development.


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